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25 Lessons You Learn The Hard Way When You Graduate

REFERENCE. Almost graduating soon. AAAHHHH

Thought Catalog

  1. Unless you happen upon some high-paying, prestigious, prominent position as a venture capitalist, you can expect to see a significant drop in your disposable income. “Pay Yourself” first, and take care of your obligations.
  2. If you’re single (and an asshole, like me), you will have a lot of sex with people you don’t care about. For ≈ 75% of these occurrences, you will be highly intoxicated, and will use this detail to justify your actions to both yourself, and your closest friends. You will experience feelings of self-loathing immediately (or shortly) after the event, post-coital cuddling notwithstanding.
  3. You will lose touch with the people you said would stand in your wedding. This will help you specify those who truly matter to you. The people you would strangle a puppy for, if it meant their joy.
  4. You will come to the unpleasant realization that dreams you had whilst getting shitfaced in…

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