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Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate


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Years ago I met this guy who I was convinced had to be “the one.” He was a six-foot tall graphic designer who had thoughtful tattoos across his arms and on his neck. He was smart and creative. His ears were slightly gauged, he mostly listened to indie dance music and he carried a skateboard. Plus he was a top. These people are like unicorns in the gay world. I was all, OK, now I’m done with dating. Tag — you’re it. But then he confessed that he wasn’t really attracted to black guys sooooo that was that. Hey, sometimes we’re not “the one” for the person we think will take us off the dating market for the rest of our lives and vice versa. Though we never became an item, I have had a few other “ones” since then. But the person I’ve been in a relationship with…

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