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7 Things You May Be Letting Pass You By

Thought Catalog

This is intended to be in the context of what you’re missing when you’re not living in the “here and now:” the elusive state of being that we’re all lectured on, told tales about the greatness of and yet can rarely seem to accomplish. Here, my friends, are some ideas  that may aide you on that journey. Seven things you may miss if you don’t live in the moment:

1. The love that people are trying to give you. It doesn’t manifest itself and wait around until you’re ready to receive it. Take it today or leave it forever.

People love you. They really, honestly do. It seems like we all spend half of our time painstakingly searching for this great life-changing love when really, love is right in front of our noses. The problem, however, is that as with all things in life, it doesn’t usually look or feel…

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