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7 Things You May Be Letting Pass You By

Thought Catalog

This is intended to be in the context of what you’re missing when you’re not living in the “here and now:” the elusive state of being that we’re all lectured on, told tales about the greatness of and yet can rarely seem to accomplish. Here, my friends, are some ideas  that may aide you on that journey. Seven things you may miss if you don’t live in the moment:

1. The love that people are trying to give you. It doesn’t manifest itself and wait around until you’re ready to receive it. Take it today or leave it forever.

People love you. They really, honestly do. It seems like we all spend half of our time painstakingly searching for this great life-changing love when really, love is right in front of our noses. The problem, however, is that as with all things in life, it doesn’t usually look or feel…

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Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate


Thought Catalog

Years ago I met this guy who I was convinced had to be “the one.” He was a six-foot tall graphic designer who had thoughtful tattoos across his arms and on his neck. He was smart and creative. His ears were slightly gauged, he mostly listened to indie dance music and he carried a skateboard. Plus he was a top. These people are like unicorns in the gay world. I was all, OK, now I’m done with dating. Tag — you’re it. But then he confessed that he wasn’t really attracted to black guys sooooo that was that. Hey, sometimes we’re not “the one” for the person we think will take us off the dating market for the rest of our lives and vice versa. Though we never became an item, I have had a few other “ones” since then. But the person I’ve been in a relationship with…

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You’re Not Quite The One

Thought Catalog

You’re not quite the one because nothing’s ever happened. You’re in the back of my mind somewhere but our lives have never lined up. We’ve never worked out, not because there isn’t interest — there’s interest, I think — but because the timing’s never been right or the location’s all wrong. You’re not quite the one because we’ve never had the chance to see if you are. Maybe we never will.

You’re not quite the one because you got away. I let you take off in your car or get on that airplane and I chose not to go after you. I put down my sword and beat it into a plowshare. I was not prepared to fight for you. You said, “This is it. I’m gone” and I said, “Good. Good riddance” whether I meant it or not. You’re not quite the one because you left or I left…

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