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You Need To Take Control Of Your Life

Thought Catalog

You are a powerful person. No one ever knows what they’re capable of until something happens that forces them to rise to the occasion. And then a natural high starts to wash over their body and they realize that they haven’t been living up to their full potential. They can achieve so much more if they just tap into their inner Sasha Fierce.

It’s easy to go through this life letting bad things happen to us. It’s easy to lay in bed all day, feeling vaguely depressed, picking at the wounds. (You never stop picking scabs. This habit always stays with you.) By giving other people power though, we’re taking it away from ourselves. We’re letting someone come in and twist us violently around their finger. Then we act surprised when, after the closeness fades and the body turns cold, we get upset. We feel empty. We let someone…

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