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6 Ways To Deal With Rejection

for future reference. hahahaha

Thought Catalog

1. Avoid the person who rejected you like the plague, at least for a little while. Having to face someone who just rejected you the next day or maybe even the next hour is some kind of sick, twisted, torture. Call in sick, walk an extra mile out of your way, find a new favorite café – I don’t care, just plan on being, “extremely busy” for the next couple of days or for the rest of your life. Whatever. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

2. Take a social media hiatus. You probably stalked the living day lights out of the person who you were/are interested in. Well, rather than haunt their social media accounts for reasons or especially one reason (See: Other person they might be dating.) just get off of it altogether for a period of time. Social media can be painful enough without having to be…

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