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16 Reasons He’s Not Asking You Out

omg yes hahahaha

Thought Catalog

1. You’re intimidating. Yes, you are. You don’t give him any kind of sign that you’re interested or you give him mixed signals and he is in a state of confusion.

2. He just got out of a bad relationship and he does in fact want to be single for a little while before he gets back in the game.

3. His life is a little too complicated right now and he’s being a good guy and not bringing you into it until he figures a few things out.

4. He thinks that you just see him as just a friend.

5. He sees you as just a friend.

6. He’s moving across the country or abroad in a few months and doesn’t want a long-distance relationship.

7. He is not over his ex.

8. You pretend that you don’t like him. In fact, when he’s around, you act like he doesn’t even exist…

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