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I feel so shallow. The world has bigger problems. I should be more grateful, and I shouldn’t take things for granted. Listening to my friends’ problems makes me realize how blessed I really am. There are so many people out there struggling, but here I am always complaining and whining.

After a series of embarrassing situations I realized that I should really stop chasing boys. I really do have better things to do, other things to focus on. It shouldn’t be the center of my world. I have bigger things to accomplish, to contribute, to share. What can I do to help? To make this life better? To make this world better?

I need to cultivate a positive attitude, a strong, resilient and independent character. All these struggles will just make me a better person. Different strokes for different folks, I get it, we all have our problems, each a unique one. Some worse than the others, a heavier weight to carry, but we need to keep going.

Anyway! Lately

  • Been glad cause I’ve been having constant communication with my high school friends (Zhiela, Kevin, Loise, Vitt, Vick, Lao, Stephen etc). Chat on FB everyday, text, making plans for the summer and all that. Plus we’ve been spending time hanging out again which is AWESOME!
  • Yeah you can say that my FB chat box/message has been full lately. :))
  • And yay, still consistent with the BFF! Calls, texts, chat. Yeah. Happy happy.
  • Plus had Happy Thursday with my (girl) blockmates. Feels good man.
  • Catching up, hearing their problems, reminds me that even though life is hard, friends make it easier to get by. I love these people.

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