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Friends really are the family you choose. And although I might be depressed almost always, I know I’ve got my friends to help me. 🙂

  • To my best friend, Dan, for being so patient and kind to me. It’s the little things. Thank you. When you text me random stupid things, ask me where I am so we can hang out in school, going to where I am, messaging me on Facebook asking me how I am, being more sensitive etc. I’m so glad we’re like this again.
  • To my best friend, Vitt, for always knowing what to say. Someone I can really count on, who truly knows me inside out. You always know how to pick me up whenever I fall. I wish I could do the same for you.
  • To Cath, who is my moral support. There for me in all ways, always.
  • To Gabgabe, who is sensitive to how I feel, and is someone who cares.
  • To Kevin, whom I don’t get to see or talk to very often, but is still such a good close friend of mine after all this time. I missed the guy!
  • To Justine and Kiara, my crazy groupmates this term. I know we don’t work well together, but I can say that you guys are good company and good friends. Glad to have bonded with you girls this term!
  • To my mom and Papa office, I know you want the best for me. And I will do everything to make you both proud, to give back to what you’ve blessed me with. 🙂

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