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Inhale the good, exhale the bad

Gonna focus on the good stuff. This week was good because:

  1. Warm welcome from the BFF. Well, this was last week after I got back from HK, but it still counts HAHAHAHA special mention on Twitter, aawww.
  2. Bitstrips. Reaaally good stuff. I’m so amused. Wahahaha.
  3. COMMUNITY = new favorite show. Cool. Cool cool cool.
  4. New shows and movies from Lao’s hard drive. FUCK YEA
  5. Getting to bond w Lao in the cab drive to Stephen’s. It’s been more than a year…. HAHAHA
  6. Hanging out with the TCrew (w/o Vick though, huhu) Dinner, drinks & scary movies!
  7. and meeting Vitt’s new girl… ish….
  8. Getting drunk hahhahaha YOLO the night before my case presentation
  9. Having my 2 bros Stephen and Kevin to take me home 🙂
  10. BFF calling me up randomly on Thursday night. Hehe
  11. And the BFF asking me to hang out after hell week
  12. Going back to Church
  13. World Youth Day meeting and plans!!
  14. Talking to Therese and helping her out
  15. Being okay w Enzo YAAAYY HAHAHAHA
  16. Being sharegroup w my Ex HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA idk why
  17. Reggie’s hella awesome talk
  18. Being bullied by The Amorins lol
  19. Nolitaaaa for socials
  20. bonding w papa and mommy in papa’s new apartment
  21. Cath messaging me after my emo post. Thoughtful as always 🙂

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