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The Things You Can’t Change And How You Deal With Them

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You can’t change your childhood. It was what it was. It is what it is. Some believe that all of our problems can somehow be traced back to childhood. Honestly, I think everyone has a story. Somewhere along the line, something has affected us. It’s life. Our experiences make us who we are. Good and bad. It just so happens that childhood is an impressionable time, and the negative tends to leave lasting imprints. I think it’s crucial for anybody who wants to life an emotionally healthy life to come to terms with whatever happened in their childhood.

Your family. You can’t control what you were born into. You can, however, control who you keep in your life. I feel like people get hung up on the idea that family has to be mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc. It’s just not so. Family is whoever you damn well…

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10 Signs You Have No Life


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1. You sleep in a bed with your laptop and a pile of books and magazines. Nothing says “I’m not getting laid as much as I’d like” than a bunch of crap taking the place of where another human body should be. “Um, this area is reserved for my celibacy. Please stay away. Thank you…”

2. When someone asks you what you’ve been up to, you blank out and try to remember if anything noteworthy has occurred in the last, oh I don’t know, six months. You think real hard and then come up with nothing. “I don’t do anything fun,” you tell them sheepishly. “Nothing’s changed. I’m sorry. I wish I had something exciting to tell you…”

3. Your idea of a fun time is ignoring people’s phone calls and going on the internet instead. “I wonder if I can find a life on this $1,500 box I bought…

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The 10 Decisions That Change Your Life

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1. Deciding that you have the power to change. I’m all about the power of thought and the fact that we’re all creators of our own experience. The day you decide you want to change something about your life is the first step of the journey.

2. When you choose to make your work what you’re passionate about. The bills have to be paid and you have to get dinner on the table somehow, I know. But if there’s anything you decide to do, please make your life work what you love to do most. You don’t have a career, you have a life. Live it.

3. When you make your own family. You decide who that consists of: biological family members, men, women, friends, spouses, lovers, kids, animals, whoever. Family is one of those things that I believe you can choose. And there are few things more important than your…

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How To Be Free

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Begin by deciding that you will be compassionate to yourself and to others. You will look for the best in people, no matter how they choose to see you. You will treat them how you always want to be treated without any expectation that they ought to treat you the same. When you see yourself, you will see someone beautiful, someone capable, someone caring and kind. In your reflection, you will choose to see someone who has exactly what they need; someone who will always have what they need.

Let go of your past, let go of your worries for the future — the most important moment that you have is now. Affirm that you have learned what you need to meet any challenges that will come across your path. In your present challenges, recognize that you are being strengthened. Recognize that these trials are not lasting. Allow the trials to make…

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I feel so shallow. The world has bigger problems. I should be more grateful, and I shouldn’t take things for granted. Listening to my friends’ problems makes me realize how blessed I really am. There are so many people out there struggling, but here I am always complaining and whining.

After a series of embarrassing situations I realized that I should really stop chasing boys. I really do have better things to do, other things to focus on. It shouldn’t be the center of my world. I have bigger things to accomplish, to contribute, to share. What can I do to help? To make this life better? To make this world better?

I need to cultivate a positive attitude, a strong, resilient and independent character. All these struggles will just make me a better person. Different strokes for different folks, I get it, we all have our problems, each a unique one. Some worse than the others, a heavier weight to carry, but we need to keep going.

Anyway! Lately

  • Been glad cause I’ve been having constant communication with my high school friends (Zhiela, Kevin, Loise, Vitt, Vick, Lao, Stephen etc). Chat on FB everyday, text, making plans for the summer and all that. Plus we’ve been spending time hanging out again which is AWESOME!
  • Yeah you can say that my FB chat box/message has been full lately. :))
  • And yay, still consistent with the BFF! Calls, texts, chat. Yeah. Happy happy.
  • Plus had Happy Thursday with my (girl) blockmates. Feels good man.
  • Catching up, hearing their problems, reminds me that even though life is hard, friends make it easier to get by. I love these people.


Friends really are the family you choose. And although I might be depressed almost always, I know I’ve got my friends to help me. 🙂

  • To my best friend, Dan, for being so patient and kind to me. It’s the little things. Thank you. When you text me random stupid things, ask me where I am so we can hang out in school, going to where I am, messaging me on Facebook asking me how I am, being more sensitive etc. I’m so glad we’re like this again.
  • To my best friend, Vitt, for always knowing what to say. Someone I can really count on, who truly knows me inside out. You always know how to pick me up whenever I fall. I wish I could do the same for you.
  • To Cath, who is my moral support. There for me in all ways, always.
  • To Gabgabe, who is sensitive to how I feel, and is someone who cares.
  • To Kevin, whom I don’t get to see or talk to very often, but is still such a good close friend of mine after all this time. I missed the guy!
  • To Justine and Kiara, my crazy groupmates this term. I know we don’t work well together, but I can say that you guys are good company and good friends. Glad to have bonded with you girls this term!
  • To my mom and Papa office, I know you want the best for me. And I will do everything to make you both proud, to give back to what you’ve blessed me with. 🙂

Inhale the good, exhale the bad

Gonna focus on the good stuff. This week was good because:

  1. Warm welcome from the BFF. Well, this was last week after I got back from HK, but it still counts HAHAHAHA special mention on Twitter, aawww.
  2. Bitstrips. Reaaally good stuff. I’m so amused. Wahahaha.
  3. COMMUNITY = new favorite show. Cool. Cool cool cool.
  4. New shows and movies from Lao’s hard drive. FUCK YEA
  5. Getting to bond w Lao in the cab drive to Stephen’s. It’s been more than a year…. HAHAHA
  6. Hanging out with the TCrew (w/o Vick though, huhu) Dinner, drinks & scary movies!
  7. and meeting Vitt’s new girl… ish….
  8. Getting drunk hahhahaha YOLO the night before my case presentation
  9. Having my 2 bros Stephen and Kevin to take me home 🙂
  10. BFF calling me up randomly on Thursday night. Hehe
  11. And the BFF asking me to hang out after hell week
  12. Going back to Church
  13. World Youth Day meeting and plans!!
  14. Talking to Therese and helping her out
  15. Being okay w Enzo YAAAYY HAHAHAHA
  16. Being sharegroup w my Ex HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA idk why
  17. Reggie’s hella awesome talk
  18. Being bullied by The Amorins lol
  19. Nolitaaaa for socials
  20. bonding w papa and mommy in papa’s new apartment
  21. Cath messaging me after my emo post. Thoughtful as always 🙂