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Monthly Archives: January 2013


  • there comes a point wherein you get so tired of being ignored all the time. you doubt and ask yourself if all this is still worth it
  • so you reach a point where you have to make a decision: all or nothing, you just can’t stand living in the in-betweens anymore, there could only be one option
  • and it would hurt to give up, but not knowing is worse, waiting is worse, suffering is worse
  • a chance to set myself free, maybe i need to do this for myself, maybe its for the best
  • so i’ll go ahead and break my own heart

Be Brave.

Just realized how utterly boring I have become, how complacent and passive I’ve grown, that I don’t dare to take big risks anymore. I used to put myself out there alot; I loved challenges, the thrill of facing my fears in the hopes of accomplishing something great. The desire to prove to myself that I can become what I want to be. I miss the feeling of being able to overcome my fears and gain confidence in myself after. I used to scare myself alot by doing all these things, and now I guess I just got too scared to try again.

I wish I was brave enough again to go after what I want, to chase after my dreams, to be fearless, gutsy, bold. I wish to be able to accomplish great things again. I know that if I wanted something badly enough, I will will myself to go after it, and the rest will follow.

I guess I just need a little motivation and inspiration from the people around me.

I’m this person who’d rather stay in the side, watching people play, rather than join in and be part of the game. I was comfortable with where I was, I didn’t bother trying to be familiar with something different. And quite honestly, I’m tired of being that person. I’m tired of passing up opportunities that could help make me better. I want to be game for everything again! Without taking risks, I gain nothing. And I don’t want nothing anymore. I’d rather take a risk, give it a shot. At least in the end, I’ll have a story to tell. The Better Story.

I want to be bigger, this year. I WILL NOT BE A LOLA ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!