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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Already gone

Been awfully busy, I guess. Alot has happened.
  • Currently on “term break” and I’m making the most out of it by sleeping and eating…. ALOT. I can’t accept the fact that next term is starting already this wednesday, hay, ain’t no rest for the wicked it is! I am definitely not ready (at all) for this coming term. I know the burden will be so much heavier and I’ve got to push and work harder this term, guhhh.
  • I am absolutely terrified of my grades. They’re releasing our grades tomorrow and I just don’t want to think about it. Will enjoy this “term break” as much as I can and not give a fuck about anything college related. I know my fate in this course lies on the outcome of my grades for this term and well…. I did my best, tiwala nalang.
  • At least I have things to keep me going and things to look forward to. Hopefully Surfing in December, Sinulog on January, HK & Singapore on March, Bora during the summer. Hope this doesn’t jinx it hahahahaha.
  • I just realized that things have fallen into routine again and I’ve grown too comfortable, I guess. Should really be more thankful. (And well, I really am, I just don’t show it much) I really need to document the good times more. But I really am happy (and grateful), despite everything. I still feel blessed. I know now that I shouldn’t take things for granted, because these little everyday things, they’re the ones that really count. And in the future, they’re the ones I’ll miss the most when they’re gone, so I’m really letting myself live in the moment. Not all good times last, so I need to cherish them while they’re still there (life is short ang peg)
  • It’s time for me to be brave. Sometimes, you just have to be brave, you know. I guess I shouldn’t be afraid to let go anymore. 🙂 Really thankful for moments of clarity, I just have to follow through and be consistent. I need to commit to my decisions.